Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making a List

It may be close to the holidays, but that's not quite the list I had in mind. Last weekend I was in the kitchen cleaning and I noticed the garbage needed to be taken out. My first step was to grab a new bag, but when I looked they were all gone! I hate when things like that happen (at least it wasn't the toilet paper!), especially something like garbage bags that slowly deplete over time, leaving room for lots of trips to the grocery store to buy more. I immediately patted myself on the back for slacking so much on my grocery shopping duties. Then I got to thinking about how I could keep this from happening in the future (actually I finished taking out the trash first). If you're on Pinterest at all you've probably seen tons of pins for DIY dry erase boards. If you haven't seen them here's an example (originally from here). They are super easy, much cuter than any office-style version and there are loads of different ways to use them.

Once I settled on the solution I made my way to Target to get some supplies. It was also a necessary run to get those darn trash bags! I first chose my frame. I figured 8x10 would be big enough since I'm not using it for my entire grocery list, just a few things I need to be reminded to buy. I also wanted something a little chunkier to fit in with our other frames and look a little more expensive. The one I bought was about $7. Make sure it's actual glass inside of the frame before you buy it. I've put plenty of dry erase markers on windows and mirrors in my day, but I haven't tried plastic, and I don't think it works the same. I also found scrapbook paper at Target in an 8-pack for 99 cents. You just can't beat that! Ok, maybe you can, I'm not a scrapbook paper expert! Anyway, here are the main attractions I've been telling you about:

Making it was super easy. All I did was trace the glass from the frame onto the paper, cut it out, and popped it in. All that's left to do is make my list and check it twice before I go to the store. Here is my finished product:

And the view from afar:

I had the dry erase marker lying around, so this project cost me a total of about $8. You just can't beat how easy this project was! So what do you say, are there any other list-makers out there? What are you putting on your list with the holidays coming up?

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