Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date!

Admittedly, that date is for my posts. Between you and me, one of us has been a little behind lately! You decide which one of us that is. Unfortunately things have just been hectic here so I haven't kept up with my goal of posting at least once a week. Fortunately for you that means I'll be posting twice this week!

Today I'm going to back track a little and give you a quick (and a little late) recap of our Halloween. We kept things pretty low-key but it was fun nonetheless! Prior to Halloween weekend D's little brother, R, came for a visit. I use the term little lightly because he's at least six feet tall! Regardless of size, he had actually never carved a pumpkin before, so we thought it would be the perfect family bonding activity without getting too cheesy. Who doesn't love sharp knives and fruit?? Hello Fruit Ninja!

Each of us came up with very different ideas so we decided to come up with categories for each and call ourselves winners. First up is the newbie, R. He kept it simple for his first attempt and took the prize for the Classic Division.

It turned out great, don't you think? Next up is D. We happened to carve these shortly after Steve Jobs passed away, so he decided to pay homage to them via pumpkin, winning the vote for the Pop Culture Division.

Lastly, I had seen photos online of some intricately carved pumpkins and knew some of it couldn't have been done with knives. I did a little digging and found printmaking tools to be the culprit. I happened to have mine in the closet so I got them out and went to work. Mine won in the Artistic Division.

There was some stiff competition from last year when Diego and I carved for the inaugural Pumpkinpalooza 2010. Yes we have a name for it. Yes we think we're cool. Here is what we were up against:

Since the pumpkins were carved early this year and had actually already rotted in the hot sun on our balcony, we chose to spend our actual Halloween night watching zombie movies and baking cookies. I wanted to get a little creative with the cookies so I chose to do a chocolate chip cookie recipe, hold the chips. That would just be too easy and not festive enough. Instead I piped on some Nutella in some fun Halloween designs like a spider web, zombie, and Frankenstein to name a few.

Ok so they're not great but I enjoyed making them and it gave me a chance to practice my piping skills. And they were delicious to boot! I hope you like our low-key but festive Halloween as much as we did. What did you do for the spookfest? Any trick-or-treaters? Do you like zombie movies as much as we do?

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