Friday, November 25, 2011

Fancy Feast

No, no, I'm not talking about the cat food.

But I did feel like royalty because of the delicious food D cooked up for us yesterday for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, that guy can cook! Boy do I know how to pick 'em! For those who are curious, this was the menu he had planned:

  • Peppercorn crusted beef tenderloin with a horseradish cream sauce
  • Pan seared caramelized scallops with lemon
  • Potato pave

Although non-traditional, it was awesome and served the purpose of bringing us together for good food and thankfulness. He's being picky and won't let me post pictures of it because he doesn't believe they're absolutely perfect. Thinking about it, that's probably for the best so you don't ruin your keyboard with drool.

Now if you remember from earlier in the week my responsibilities were setting the table and making dessert. Keeping with our non-traditional theme I decided to go with this recipe from Real Mom Kitchen for German pancakes. In her post she mentioned fruit filling, which immediately made the light bulb go off in my head. My favorite homemade treat is hands down strawberry rhubarb jam made from my great-grandma's recipe. Hellooooo strawberry rhubarb filling! I just followed the recipe for the German pancakes, so I won't go into detail with a tutorial. I will however give you one warning. They turned out fine, but I probably should have read up on them a little more because it was totally not what I expected. While they were cooking I actually thought I was going to have a disaster with batter all over the oven. They turned out fine, apparently they're supposed to do that, but here's what they looked like in the oven:

With the filling, I went rogue- I kind of made it up. I felt comfortable doing this because growing up my great grandma always had a rhubarb plant in her back yard. Even in her 90's she still insisted on making the jam every year. When she passed away a few years ago, my parents took part of the plant to grow in their yard. We still use her recipe and her plant to make the jam every summer. Since I moved to Texas, I've been missing it and have been suffering through grape jelly on my PB & J's every day (yes, I'm in my 20's and eat PBJ every day. Literally). When I thought about a fruit filling this was the first thing I thought of. I went to the store and sure enough, I found frozen rhubarb in the frozen fruit aisle! I took it as another sign that right next to it were the frozen strawberries. I even got the kind that are packed in sugar so I didn't have to mess with trying to figure out how much to add in (rhubarb isn't exactly sweet on it's own). All I did was put the two in a pot on the stove and boiled them down for about 30 minutes until it was soupy, but still had a few chunks in it. Typically to make the jam I'd add some gelatin, but for a sauce I didn't want it to be so firm.

Here's how it started:

And here's how it ended up:

Once the filling was done I made the whipped cream, which is extremely simple. Heavy cream, sugar, vanilla-whisk it up and you've got whipped cream. I then stacked my pieces and my final product turned out like this:

I can't even begin to explain how much I love these! I think it's mostly because I've been missing my favorite jam, but these really are a great, light dessert. Kind of like a twist on strawberry shortcake but sooo much better.

For you cut-to-the-chase kinda people here are the recipes for the filling and whipped cream. Again, you can find the recipe for the German pancakes at Real Mom Kitchen.

Strawberry Rhubarb Filling:

1- 16oz bag of frozen rhubarb (fresh is better if you have access!)
1- 24 oz carton of strawberries in sugar

Put them in a pot together and turn the heat on medium. Stir occasionally until the fruit is broken down, about 30 minutes.

Whipped Cream:

1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla

Combine the ingredients and whisk in air until fluffy.

I bet your mouth is watering like mine. I'll be going now, time to get some leftover dessert! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Did you have any special desserts? Did any family recipes make an appearance?

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